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Kayla Wildeman biography: 10 things about Boulder, Colorado woman


Kayla Wildeman is a white woman from Colorado, United States. She attended the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder, Colorado.

“I ultimately went to law school to help those who not just want my help, but need my help,” the University of Colorado quoted her as saying in 2019. “In my opinion, the main priority of a lawyer is to put others before yourself, and to help people navigate a very complicated system that unfortunately everyone has to face at one point or another.”

“Serving the public is the most rewarding career I could ever think of, and being able to help those when they are going through the one of the hardest times in their lives is all I could ever ask for out of my degree,” Wildeman continued. Here are 10 more things about her:

Kayla Wildeman (©University of Colorado)
Kayla Wildeman (©University of Colorado)
  1. She lives in Boulder.
  2. From May 2015 to 2016, she was a restorative justice intern at the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office.
  3. From January 2017 to December 2019, she volunteered at the 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Colorado.
  4. While attending the University of Colorado Law School, she volunteered 899 hours of pro bono work, the most of anyone in her class. She also served as president of the university’s Criminal Prosecution Society.
  5. She made it to the final round of the 2019 American Association for Justice Student Trial Advocacy Competition with her teammates Morgan PullamHillary Hammond and Kelsi Madden. They all graduated from the University of Colorado Law School in 2019.
  6. In an article the University of Colorado published on May 30, 2019, she was quoted as saying, “Law school is tough and mentally exhausting, and you go through a lot of ups and downs. My peers have shown me nothing but concern, care, and compassion through every good and bad day, and law school really makes you realize how important it is to care and invest in those who care and invest in you.”
  7. Admitted on November 4, 2019, she is an attorney registered with Colorado Supreme Court, Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel in Centennial, Colorado.
  8. As Colorado’s deputy district attorneys, she and Trevor Moritzky were co-chairs in the conviction of Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, a Cuban driver whose commercial semi-truck rammed into stopped traffic on Interstate 70 in Lakewood, Colorado on April 25, 2019, killing four people and injuring several others. On December 13, 2021, Judge A. Bruce Jones sentenced Aguilera-Maderos to the minimum of 110 years in prison in Colorado. 
  9. She was 27 years old and Moritzky was 54 when Aguilera-Maderos was sentenced to 110 years in prison on December 13, 2021.
  10. On the evening of December 20, 2021, she took to Facebook to share a photo of the brake shoe she said Moritzky made for her. She wrote, “Get yourself a trial partner as great as Trevor Moritzky. He turned a brake shoe from a semi-truck into a memento. What a special gift from truly a special person. I never asked for a new bff at work, let alone one that is old enough to be my father (no offense) but I sure am grateful this trial brought you into my career as both a colleague and a friend! Words will never convey how lucky I am to have gotten the opportunity to learn from you!”

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