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Trevor Moritzy biography: 10 things about Broomfield, Colorado lawyer


Trevor Blaine Moritzky is a lawyer from Colorado, United States. Here are 10 more things about him:

  1. He lives in Broomfield, Colorado.
  2. Aside from Broomfield, he has lived in other parts of Colorado including Thornton, Golden, Denver, Calhan, Boulder, Brighton and Parker.
  3. He has lived in different parts of Texas, USA including Katy and Houston.
  4. In 1996, he earned his juris doctor from the University of Denver and was admitted to the state bar of Colorado.
  5. As Colorado’s chief deputy district attorney, he told the court in November 2018 that former Westminster Police Department officer Curtis Lee Arganbright abused the trust given by the community. For an incident that occurred on August 24, 2017, Arganbright was sentenced to 90 days of jail time followed by four years of probation for unlawful sexual contact and official misconduct. 
  6. As Colorado’s 17th judicial district attorney, he confirmed in December 2018 that prosecutors had reached a plea deal with former University of Colorado assistant football coach Joe Tumpkin, in which the former coach would plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of assault with a domestic violence factual basis.
  7. In April 2021, it was announced that 43rd Colorado governor Jared Polis was weighing an appointment for a vacancy on the Broomfield County court in Colorado. He, Amanda DeWick and Jacque Lyn Russell were the finalists.
  8. As Colorado’s deputy district attorneys, he and Kayla Wildeman were co-chairs in the conviction of Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos, a Cuban driver whose commercial semi-truck rammed into stopped traffic on Interstate 70 in Lakewood, Colorado on April 25, 2019, killing four people and injuring several others. On December 13, 2021, Judge A. Bruce Jones sentenced Aguilera-Maderos to the minimum of 110 years in prison in Colorado. 
  9. He was 54 years old while Wildeman was 27 when Aguilera-Maderos was sentenced to 110 years in prison on December 13, 2021.
  10. He allegedly made a brake shoe for Wildeman after the conviction of Aguilera-Maderos. On the evening of December 20, 2021, she took to Facebook to share a photo of the brake shoe and wrote in part, “Get yourself a trial partner as great as Trevor Moritzky. He turned a brake shoe from a semi-truck into a memento. What a special gift from truly a special person.”

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