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William Dorsey Jones Jr. biography: 13 things about LAPD cop from Louisville, Kentucky


William Dorsey Jones Jr. is an African-American police officer in Los Angeles, California, United States. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry and started the Entourage Entertainment Group.

But things did not go according to Jones’ plan. He went on to become a community relations specialist and patrol officer in North Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Amid the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic from 2020 to 2021, Jones worked as a police officer, ran a nonprofit that mentored at-risk youth, helped coach a high school football team and earned his bachelor’s degree. Here are 13 more things about him:

William Dorsey Jones Jr. (©Los Angeles Police Department)
William Dorsey Jones Jr. (©Los Angeles Police Department)
  1. He has two brothers. Their father William Dorsey Jones Sr. worked in insurance while their mother Toya J. Brazley worked multiple jobs.
  2. In 2006, he dropped out of the University of Louisville and moved from Louisville to Los Angeles.
  3. In 2009, he joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).
  4. In 2014, his wife gave birth to their son.
  5. In 2015, he bought a house in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles County, California.
  6. In 2019, he launched an apparel line called Use of Force Fitness, which he dissolved in December 2020.
  7. In an interview with the NBC Los Angeles show “California Live” in December 2019, he said, “There’s no better crime reduction strategy than to engage with our youth, for them not to be scared of us, to let them know there are people out there who care.”
  8. In August 2020, he and his wife started Officers for Change, a nonprofit that distributed donations of backpacks and school supplies from police officers. On November 23, 2021, he tweeted that the nonprofit’s holiday donation and gift drive was underway and their goal was to raise $5,000 to help those in need.
  9. On December 12, 2020, he graduated from the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s degree in communications.
  10. On August 27, 2021, he tweeted that he had been a victim of racism. He wrote “I’m a Black man, I’m the father of a Black son.” and “I’m the LAPD. I have the power & determination to affect CHANGE in the community.”
  11. He served as an assistant coach for the football team of Valencia High School in Santa Clarita. On November 26, 2021, the team won the school’s first ever California Interscholastic Federation-Southern Section (CIF-SS) football title. On December 5, 2021, he took to Twitter to thank the parents, players, coaches, students, support staff, school administrators and the community who helped the team.
  12. He was one of the LAPD officers who responded to a Burlington Coat Factory near the intersection of Laurel Canyon and Victory boulevards in North Hollywood where Daniel Elena Lopez, 24, assaulted a woman with a bike lock on December 23, 2021. He opened fire and fatally shot Lopez. A stray bullet from him also fatally shot Valentina Orellana Peralta, 14, a shopper who was hiding in a dressing room inside the store.
  13. He was 42 years old when the LAPD put him on paid administrative leave for at least two weeks after the shooting deaths of Lopez and Peralta on December 23, 2021. He had never before been disciplined for a police shooting before Lopez and Peralta’s deaths, according to his lawyer Leslie Wilcox.

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