Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Alkhaldi arrested in Utah again


Mohammed Alkhaldi, 22, of Saudi Arabia has been arrested in Utah, United States. This is the third time he was arrested in the state.

Alkhaldi is a citizen of Saudi Arabia and not an American citizen. On May 1, 2021, he allegedly fired eight rounds into the air while in a group of people were in close proximity to the black Ford Mustang he was driving in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A police officer tried to pull the vehicle over. However, Alkhaldi sped away at a high rate of speed while having a pit bull puppy in the backseat of his car.

Mohammed Alkhaldi (©Salt Lake County Jail)
Mohammed Alkhaldi (©Salt Lake County Jail)

Wearing a blue jersey with the number 18, Alkhaldi left the scene on foot but was later arrested and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail without bail. He was charged with:


  • driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs (third-degree)
  • possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person (second-degree)
  • 2 counts of using a concealed firearm in the commission of a violent felony (both second-degree )
  • 8 counts of discharge of a firearm (all third-degree)


  • reckless endangerment (class A)
  • animal cruelty (class B)
  • accident involving property damage (class B)
  • discharging of firearms from a vehicle (class B)
  • carrying a dangerous weapon while under the influence of alcohol or drugs (class B)


  • no proof of insurance
  • no valid license, never obtained license
  • failure to register, or expired vehicle registration

That was the second time Alkhaldi was arrested in Utah. He has one prior conviction of driving under the influence (DUI) in the state and two prior convictions of DUI in Idaho, USA.

Released from Salt Lake County Jail, Alkhaldi was supposed to return to court. He missed the court date so an arrest warrant was issued for him in December 2021.


On January 1, 2022, police officers found Alkhaldi asleep in a running car with open bottles of alcohol visible on the passenger seat in Riverton, Utah. The officers detected a strong odor of alcohol when he rolled his window down.

After refusing to provide identification and to exit the vehicle, Alkhaldi tried to roll the window back up and shifted his car into drive mode. One of the officers reached inside and shifted the car back into park mode but Alkhaldi grabbed the officer’s arm and pinning the officer the vehicle’s side.


The officer was able to free himself and Alkhaldi drove away at a high rate of speed. His vehicle was later involved in a traffic accident striking multiple vehicles, including a marked patrol vehicle.

Authorities took Alkhaldi into custody after he fled on foot a short distance from his vehicle. His new charges are:


  • failure to respond to command of police (third-degree)
  • DUI with two or more prior convictions within 10 years (third-degree)
  • 2 counts of assault against a police officer or military service member with weapon or force (both second-degree)


  • alcohol restricted driver (class B)
  • failure to remain at scene of an accident, damage only (class B)
  • open container, drinking alcohol in a vehicle (class C)
  • no insurance, second or subsequent offense within three years of prior (class C)


  • failure to remove plates, transfer ownership

The Saudi Arabian citizen was booked into the the Salt Lake County Jail again. It was not confirmed whether or not he is studying or working in Utah.

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