Crockett, Texas’s Rebecca Taylor tried to buy a child at Walmart?


Rebecca Lanette Taylor, 49, of Crockett, Houston County, Texas, United States has been arrested. He was charged with the sale or purchase of a child, which is a third-degree felony.

On January 13, 2022, Taylor allegedly approached a woman, who was waiting to use the self-checkout at a Walmart in Crockett. The latter had a baby in a car seat and another son, 1, in a cart.

Taylor allegedly started commenting on the boy’s blonde hair and blue eyes and asked the mother how much she could buy him for. When the mother tried to laugh it off, Taylor said she had $250,000 in her car and would pay that much for the boy but the mother replied no amount of money would do.

Rebecca Lanette Taylor (©Crockett Police Department)
Rebecca Lanette Taylor (©Houston County Jail)

The name of the mother was not released. According to her, at the time, Taylor was with another woman who appeared to be Hispanic, and the latter asked what the boy’s name was.

Although the mother did not tell the name of her son, Taylor and the woman she was with called it out, the mother said. When they were in the parking lot, Taylor allegedly kept saying she would pay $500,000 because she wanted the boy and she was going to take him.


The mother was able to safely leave with her children. She called the police Crockett Police Department lieutenant Ahleea Price, who confirmed the mother’s claims after reviewing surveillance video from Walmart.

When Price went to Taylor’s residence to ask her about the incident, Taylor said she does not like thieves, according to Price. Taylor reportedly told the lieutenant to speak with her attorney and get off her “precipice” before slamming the door shut.

On January 18, 2022, Taylor was taken into custody. She is being held at the Houston County Jail in Crockett on a $50,000 bond.

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