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Complete list of Miss Norway 2022 candidates


Miss Norway 2021 Nora Emilie Nakken, 24, of Trondheim, Trøndelag County, Norway will crown her successor at Arbeidersamfunnets plass (1) in Oslo, Norway on August 13, 2022. It is the 72nd edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Norway’s Miss Universe and Miss World candidates.

Currently, Norway has 17 Miss Norway placements including the coronation of Mona Grudt in 1990. The most recent one was in 2005 when Helene Tråsavik finished in the Top 15.

Norway also has 10 Miss World placements including the first runner-up finish of Ingeborg Sørensen in 1972. The most recent one was in 2010 when Mariann Birkedal finished in the Top 7.

Nora Emilie Nakken
Nora Emilie Nakken

Nakken was crowned Miss Norway at the Åpen Scene in Oslo on August 14, 2021 and the respective first, second, third and fourth runners-up were Angelika Catharina D. Kristiansen of Magnor, Amine Storrød of Hvaler, Julie Dahlen Børresen of Bjørkelangen and Stephany Gabriela Crespo La Rosa of Gjemnes. Storrød represented Norway at Miss World 2021.

From 26, only 11 semifinalists were selected to compete for the Miss Norway 2022 title. Here is the list:

Charlotte Bøhn-Bore21Haugesund, Rogaland County, NorwayTysvær, Rogaland County, Norway
Helen Chanel Stubberud24Fredrikstad, Viken County, NorwayHalden, Viken County, Norway
Ida Anette Hauan26Trondheim, Trøndelag County, NorwayMalvik, Trøndelag County, Norway
Ida Sofie Skinlo Sæter23Molde, Møre og Romsdal County, NorwayMolde, Møre og Romsdal County, Norway
Iris Eskic21Sandnessjøen, Nordland County, NorwayOslo, Norway
Julie Dahlen Børresen22Lørenskog, Viken County, NorwayBjørkelangen, Akershus County, Norway
Leni Kvalvåg23Kristiansund, Møre og Romsdal County, NorwayKristiansund, Møre og Romsdal County, Norway
Rebecca Yuchen Hua22Bodø, Nordland County, NorwayKirkenes, Troms og Finnmark County, Norway
Romée Riesanne Dahlen18Rømskog, Østfold County, NorwayBjørkelangen, Akershus County, Norway
Sarvi Latifi27Tehran, IranLarvik, Vestfold in Vestfold og Telemark County, Norway
Vilde Padøy24Bergen, Vestland County, NorwayMolde, Møre og Romsdal County, Norway

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