Mohammed Ali Qambar: BMMAF, IMMAF proud to introduce MMA Super Cup


Held at Khalifa Sports City in Isa Town, Bahrain from March 8-12, 2022, the BRAVE International Combat Week 2022 is organized by the Bahrain Mixed Martial Arts Federation (BMMAF) in cooperation with the International Martial Arts Mixed Federation (IMMAF) and the Khalid Bin Hamad Sports Organization (KHK SPORTS). Parts of the event are BRAVE Combat Federation’s 57th event and the first edition of MMA Super Cup, the largest amateur mixed martial arts tournament.

BMMAF president Mohammed Ali Qambar addressed the audience at Khalifa Sports City during the opening ceremony of BRAVE International Combat Week 2022. He mentioned the impact of the unlimited support that Bahraini sports, especially mixed martial arts, receive from His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa and His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Mohammed Ali Qambar
Mohammed Ali Qambar

Qambar also mentioned Bahrain’s positive development and arrival to an advanced position in this sport at the continental and international levels. He said the BRAVE International Combat Week 2022 will be distinguished with Bahrain taking the lead in hosting and organizing the first edition of the MMA Super Cup.

This reflects the IMMAF’s confidence in Bahrain’s high capabilities to achieve success and distinction at the BRAVE International Combat Week 2022, according to Qambar. He thanked BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid for his great cooperation with the BMMAF to organize the sports forum.


“The 2022 edition of the BRAVE International Combat Week is specifically special for the Kingdom of Bahrain sports,” Qambar said. “This is a momentous occasion for everyone involved with martial arts and sports in the kingdom. Mixed martial arts has played a very important role in bringing Bahrain to the top of the sporting world.”

“It has been the first and thus far only sport to have a Bahraini national team at the top,” Qambar continued. “Between 2019 and 2021, Team Bahrain has been ranked number one in the world of the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation and that has been the utmost source of pride for everyone involved in making it happen. We have all worked hard under the guidance of His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa to return Team Bahrain to where it deserves to be, at the top of the helm, and the results in the last IMMAF World Championships, when Team Bahrain earned the top spot in the Senior divisions, show that we are on the right path.”


As Qambar stated, the MMA Super Cup is a new competition that beckons for the top nations in the amateur mixed martial arts world and will change the way we look at the sport. He said, “We are proud, as the Kingdom of Bahrain, to kickstart a revolution in MMA. Under the vision of His Highness Shaikh Khaled, BRAVE CF, KHK Sports, the Bahrain MMA Federation and the International MMA Federation are proud to introduce the first-ever MMA Super Cup.”

Born as the largest ever amateur tournament and the curtain-closer for the IMMAF season, the inaugural MMA Super Cup will be the first time a nation vs nation format will be implemented, Qambar pointed out. He said, “We are sure that it will bring a lot of national pride to each and every one of you here.”


“To represent your country is the utmost honor for any competitor, any athlete and now mixed martial arts officially provides that opportunity to athletes,” Qambar continued. “It is also a chance for young sportspeople to make an impact in their sport and inside their nations. The top three nations in the MMA Super Cup will receive a significant prize packager that will be reinvested in their national federations.”

“This will serve for all of you united here to truly make an impact in your sport on a national level,” the BMMAF president added. “We hope this prize money can benefit this generation of fighters but also set the motions for the next generation.”

In the main event of “BRAVE CF 57”, Hamza “The Pride of Bahrain” Kooheji, 29, of Bahrain and Brad “Superman” Katona, 30, of Canada will compete for the BRAVE CF Bantamweight World Championship. Here is a recent interview with the latter:

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