Salem, Massachusetts’ Arthur Massei arrested 50+ years after Natalie Scheublin’s death


Arthur Louis Massei, 76, of Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, United States has been arrested and charged with first-degree murder. He is accused of killing Natalie Scheublin of Bedford, Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

On June 10, 1971, Massei allegedly broke into the house of Scheublin on Pine Hill Road in Bedford, hit her in the head, tied her ankles and stabbed her multiple times with a knife. He allegedly stole her blue and white 1969 Chevy Impala


Weeks before Scheublin’s death, Massei’s daughter Candice Moran was born. Aside from Salem, he has lived in other parts of Massachusetts including Groveland, Amesbury, Havervill, Danvers, Lynn and Marblehead.

According to Moran, she has not spoken to Massei since 1991. She told NBC News, “If it’s true, it’s absolutely disgusting.”

“We are really sorry for the family,” Moran continued. “It is shocking to hear this happened two weeks before I was born.”


Scheublin died at the age of 54. Her husband Raymond Scheublin found her lifeless body in the basement of their house and immediately called police.

Early on, Raymond was eliminated as a suspect. When Natalie was killed, their two children were both living on their own.

The stolen 1969 Chevy Impala was later found in the parking lot of the Bedford Veterans Affairs Hospital near the victim’s house. Fingerprint was found on the vehicle, which was linked to Massei in 1999.

Massei denied knowing anything about the case, which later went cold. In 2011, Raymond died with the murder of his wife still unsolved.

In 2019, the case was reopened as Middlesex County district attorney Marian T. Ryan set up a new cold case unit. One woman came forward and said she worked with Massei on a bank fraud scheme in the 1990s.

On March 22, 2022, Massei was arrested at his residence in Salem. Represented by Julie Buszuwski, he will be arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court in Woburn, Middlesex County on March 30, 2022.

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