‘BLAH BLAH’ by SB19’s sister group KAIA released via Sony Music


BLAH BLAH” is the debut single of KAIA, the sister group of SB19. Sony Music released the song on April 8, 2022.

Managed by ShowBT, KAIA has five members namely Sophia, Angela, Charice, Charlotte and Alexa. The five new P-Pop stars set their sights on going global with their official debut single, which is an upbeat bop.

Exploring a future-forward sound that ties together different elements and styles, “BLAH BLAH” marks the arrival of KAIA as a P-Pop newcomer with hitmaking potential. The song is helmed by Lee Oh Won, the producer behind some of the most remarkable tunes by international artists such as Stray Kids, SHINee’s Taemin, TVXQ and SB19.


As a creative unit, Sophia, Angela, Charice, Charlotte and Alexa wrote “BLAH BLAH”, deriving from their collective experiences in dealing with romantic love and infatuation and how it is not always as beautiful as what we think. Sophia explained, “Writing ‘BLAH BLAH’ is somehow easier considering our chemistry has improved a lot since then.”

“We finally learned how to trust each other on a deeper level, hence the making of a song about love,” Sophia continued. “Aside from this, everyone puts their 100 percent effort into this official debut. Even when one of us gets stuck in writing, the other four members make sure to help out when needed. That being said, our closeness and dedication made us more comfortable and confident in writing BLAH BLAH.”


The song is accompanied by a music video that provides a stark contrast between the dream world and the reality. With director Angelo Balanon at the helm of the visual narrative, the clip translates the very essence of the song with cosmopolitan, movie-like sheen that is at par with K-Pop and J-Pop music videos. 

KAIA’s debut single serves as the first chapter of the P-Pop girl group’s journey towards self-discovery. As showcased in the concept trailer that preludes the music video, the multi-talented quintet deals with finding their own voice in an industry that is completely challenging and unfamiliar to them. 

The release of “BLAH BLAH” is part of Sony Music Entertainment’s Angat, P-Pop! initiative for April 2022, which aims to put a spotlight on this new generation of P-Pop hits by up-and-coming groups from the label’s roster and beyond. The song is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide.


Meaning of KAIA

The name KAIA is inspired by the Filipino words kinaiya and kaya. Kinaiya is a noun that describes a person’s inner character, including not only the good traits but all the traits and characteristics that make the person who he or she is.

Kaya is a Filipino term that denotes being able to do something. The word is pronounced like KAIA, the name of the five-member P-pop girl group that stands for accepting oneself and using it as a strength to overcome all obstacles and reach goals.

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