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Laurel, Mississippi’s Kiara Nichelle Thomas wears Mother of the Year shirt, punches softball umpire Kristie Moore


Kiara Nichelle Thomas, 32, of Laurel, Jones County, Mississippi, United States decided to wear a pink Mother of Year shirt on the evening of April 10, 2022. That night, she went out to watch the softball game of her child in Laurel.

It was a 12-year-old softball game. One of the umpires was Kristie Moore, who has been calling games for 10 years.


Moore was filling in that evening after one of her umpires got sick. At one point, Thomas was cursing at the umpires so she was asked by Moore to leave.

Instead of going home, Thomas waited for Moore in the parking lot. After the game, Thomas confronted Moore and punched the umpire in the face before fleeing.


“It’s ridiculous, the verbal abuse, and even now, the physical abuse now, at this point, and enough is enough,” Moore told WLBT. “I also staff every USFA tournament in the state of Mississippi with umpires and it gets harder and harder to staff these tournaments because no one wants to listen to the verbal abuse and run the risk of what happened to me happening to them.”

Shortly after the attack, Thomas was arrested. She was still wearing her Mother of Year shirt in her mugshot.

On April 13, 2022, Thomas will appear in court. She was charged with a simple assault, which is a misdemeanor, and will be banned from all recreational facilities in Laurel.


Laurel was named for thickets of mountain laurel, which were native to the original town site. The city was incorporated in 1882.

Retired professional golfer Mary Mills, 82, basketball coach Kenny Payne, 55, and retired football players Clinton Portis, 40, Jake Allen, 37, and Akeem Davis, 3, were born in Laurel. Johnny Magee is the incumbent mayor of the city.

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  1. Hmmm… no one ever mentions the races involved when it’s a black person assaulting a white person. Somehow though it was obvious.


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