WWF-Philippines, Unica Hija promote sustainable fashion via Down to Earth collection


World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines (WWF-Philippines) has collaborated with clothing brand Unica Hija. The partnership takes the clothing industry a notch higher by promoting sustainable and responsible fashion through the Down to Earth collection, a tribute to the Philippine biodiversity and a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation, especially at a time where the fast fashion industry sparks a lot of environmental and ethical issues. 

Both WWF-Philippines and Unica Hija aim to raise awareness on the role of the fashion industry in environment conservation and the ways that they can encourage their consumers in supporting local and sustainable fashion brands. Their partnership highlights the benefits of fostering environmental change through fashion that clings to eco-friendly and ethical practices of production.


Inspired by local crops, the Down to Earth clothing collection will artistically reflect the wonders of Philippine biodiversity and will speak to the sense of hope, excitement and optimism for the future of the country’s environment. Fashion brands can lessen their environmental impacts by incorporating sustainability within their business operations and supply chain, according to WWF-Philippines brand and innovative marketing manager Kent Rebultan.

“Every industry, including clothing and fashion, can play a key role in conserving the planet through sustainable practices,” Rebultan explained. “Another way is by stepping up their game in engaging the consumers, through their designs and whatnot, to take actionable steps in caring for our one shared home.”


Through fashion, Unica Hija and WWF-Philippines will highlight crops that are central to the Philippines’ agriculture industry namely maize, sugarcane and coconut, which are all part of the country’s agricultural identity. Unica Hija co-chief executive officer and chief creative officer Anna Lagon said, “Unica is grounded in an abundant love for Mother Nature from the way we approach design to the production methods we practice, we keep the earth close to heart.”

“For Down to Earth, we are creating an exclusive collection with special artworks, prints and other designs inspired by local crops,” Lagon continued. “That’s why we’ve partnered up with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, one of our country’s leading organizations for nature conservation. Through this, we aim to promote sustainable and responsible fashion for a healthy planet.”

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