Vicky White, Casey Cole White had special relationship: Lauderdale County Detention Center inmates


Vicky Sue White, 56, of Lexington, Lauderdale County, Alabama, United States went to work on April 29, 2022. It was her last day as the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office assistant director of corrections before her retirement.

At 9:41 a.m. that day, Vicky broke the protocol by picking up an inmate named Casey Cole White, 38, from the Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Lauderdale County. Armed with a 9mm handgun, she told a booking officer that she was escorting him to a courthouse appointment, which turned out not to exist.

At 11:34 a.m., Vicky’s 2013 Ford Taurus patrol car was spotted in a shopping center parking lot. The fact that she and Casey were missing was not realized until around 3:30 p.m.


Vicky and Casey are not related. He is 6’9″ tall and weighs around 330 pounds while she is 5’5″ tall and weighs around 145 pounds.

“Investigators received information from inmates at the Lauderdale County Detention Center over the weekend that there was a special relationship between Director White and inmate Casey White,” the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office said a statement on May 3, 2022. “That relationship has now been confirmed through our investigation by independent sources and means.”

The Lauderdale Country Sheriff’s Office did not provide additional details about the said relationship between Vicky and Casey. The two are still missing.


Casey is accused of fatally stabbing Connie Jane Ridgeway, 59, who was found dead on October 23, 2015 in the living room of her home at the Meadowland Apartments on Prince Drive in Rogersville, Lauderdale County. On December 1, 2015, he went to his former girlfriend’s house in Athens, aimed his two handguns at two men inside, who were able to escape, and fatally shot a dog before fleeing and stealing two vehicles in two different places.

In April 2019, Casey was convicted of two counts of first-degree kidnapping and attempted murder and sentenced to 75 years in prison. On September 1, 2020, he was charged with capital murder during a first-degree burglary and murder for pecuniary gain in Ridgeway’s murder.

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  1. As long as it has been, with no idea of where they went, with the passage of that much time, before it was realized that something amiss had happened, someone could have been parked near the patrol car, to get to a plane, to take them outside of the USA. And from there, was the possibility of being taken to a nation, who doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the USA. With the recent cheap sale of her home, strange love of every kind runs deep


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