Complete list of Miss Namibia 2022 candidates


Miss Namibia 2021 Chelsi Tashaleen Shikongo, 24, of Walvis Bay, Namibia will crown her successor soon. It is the 27th edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Namibia’s Miss Universe and Miss World candidates.

Currently, Namibia has one Miss Universe placement, which was the coronation of Michelle McLean in 1991. The country has three Miss World placements, which were won by McLean who finished in the Top 5 in 1991, Anna Svetlana Nashandi who finished in the Top 17 in 2006 and Odile Gertze who finished in the Top 25 in 2010.

Crowned Miss Namibia 2021 on June 5, 2021, Shikongo was unplaced at Miss Universe 2021. Miss Namibia 2021 first runner-up Annerie Maré of Kamanjab, Kunene, Namibia was unplaced when she represented Namibia at Miss World 2021.

There are 34 women competing for the Miss Namibia 2022 crown. Here is the list of candidates:

  1. Diana Andimba
  2. Zhahida Tjizera
  3. Cassia Sharpley
  4. Saarty Mikka
  5. Evany Van Wyk
  6. Ashleigh Kleintjies
  7. Jenine Eksteen
  8. Monkia Kandenge
  9. Ruusa Angula
  10. Purity Mbeha
  11. Olivia Mwashindange
  12. Maylis Dayot
  13. Shasmida Eiases
  14. Tamson Gawachas
  15. Tuyenikelao Hipunya
  16. Romiley Hoffman
  17. Natasha Itenge
  18. Martha Kautanevali
  19. Aina Kweyo
  20. Elizabeth Namoloh
  21. Kacy Ngeama
  22. Lilly Shihepo
  23. Adeline Simbuwa
  24. Whitney Taapopi
  25. Uetuesa Zaire
  26. Karoline Kayoo
  27. Zamuee Kaitjiukua
  28. Juanita Frans
  29. Michelle Mukuve
  30. Sandrina Mukuya
  31. Jatjizavi Kavendjaa
  32. Selma Kalola
  33. Zawady Tjijombo
  34. Nongee Kandji

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