Complete list of Mister National Universe 2022 candidates


Mister National Universe 2019 Vikash Usham, 24, of Manipur, India will crown his successor at the Mirinn Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand on June 6, 2022. It is the fourth edition of the international male beauty pageant based in Thailand.

Usham was crowned Mister National Universe 2019 at the Grand Ballroom of Holiday Inn Vana Nava in Hua Hin, Thailand on July 1, 2019. He was not able to crown his successor in 2020 and in 2021 due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


Runner-up to Usham was Mister National World 2019 Jan Kim Santos Vergel of Mindoro, Philippines. The respective second, third and fourth runners-up were Mister National Globe 2019 Caleb Zheng En French of Malaysia, Mister National Earth 2019 Duc Hieu Dang of Vietnam and Mister National Intercontinental 2019 Alexander Coles of the United Kingdom.

There are 22 men competing for the Mister National Universe 2022 title. Here are the candidates:

  1. Josh Mirza (Bangladesh)
  2. Alexey Gerasimov (Belarus)
  3. Prema Khandu Wangchuk (Bhutan)
  4. Brenno Pavarini (Brazil)
  5. Daniil Rumaintsev (Crimea)
  6. Bharat Bhushan (India)
  7. Ali Soozangar (Iran) 
  8. Pierre Payne (France)
  9. Emmanuel Paang (Malaysia)
  10. Rodolfo Manuel (Mexico)
  11. Azeez Adebiyi (Nigeria)
  12. Edward Joseph Go (Northern Philippines)
  13. Syed Shah (Pakistan)
  14. Argun Gange (Philippines)
  15. Sarath Manoharan (South India)
  16. Kim Donghun (South Korea)
  17. Jaroslav Shvets (South Ukraine)
  18. Timur Yunusakhunov (Tajikistan)
  19. Saharat Phangsoongnern (Thailand)
  20. Ali Gerani (Turkey)
  21. Valentin Ilichev (Ukraine)
  22. Viet Hoang (Vietnam)

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