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Complete list of Miss Universo Chile 2022 candidates


Miss Universo Chile 2021 Antonia Figueroa Alvarado, 27, of Coquimbo, Chile will crown her successor at the Hotel Santa Cruz in Colchagua, Chile on June 25, 2022. It is the 59th edition of the national beauty pageant that selects Chile’s Miss Universe candidate.

Currently, Chile has 13 Miss Universe placements including the coronation of Cecilia Bolocco Fonck in 1987. The most recent one was in 2004 when Gabriela Barros Tapia finished in the Top 15.


Figueroa was crowned Miss Universo Chile 2021 on September 11, 2021. Her runners-up were Miss Tourism Global Chile 2021 Maria Jose Norambuena and Miss World Peace Chile 2021 Daniella Valentina.

There are 18 women competing for the Miss Universe Chile 2022 title. Here are the candidates:

  1. Martina Yáñez (Algarrobo)
  2. Loreta Coñecar (Aysén)
  3. Kelsey Kohler (Chillán)
  4. Sofia Depassier (Comunidad Extranjera)
  5. Dominique Tengelin (Concepción)
  6. Renée Tastets (La Reina)
  7. Victoria Contreras (La Serena)
  8. María Ignacia Guzmán (Las Condes)
  9. Javiera Urra (Maipú)
  10. Celia Fuenzalida del Valle (Nancagua)
  11. Fernanda Gamboa (Rancagua)
  12. María José Norambuena (San Fernando)
  13. Paola Olave (Talca)
  14. Celia Fuenzalida (Valle de Nancagua)
  15. Constanza Belén Araos Alcayaga (Vicuña)
  16. Damaris Contreras Salgado (Viña del Mar)
  17. Dara Jadue (Vitacura)
  18. Catalina Campos (Zapallar)

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