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Liza Soberano felt horrible being a Bb. Pilipinas 2021 judge? Careless Music artist explains her struggle with beauty


Liza Soberano, 24, officially became a Careless Music artist when she signed her contract with the label in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines on June 20, 2022. During the event, I had a quick interview with the Filipino-American actress, who is now a recording artist.

Soberano has been dealing with questions about her decision to sign with Careless Music so I decided to bring up a different topic. I mentioned two of the things she struggled with throughout her career and asked her to share how she dealt with them.

Liza Soberano
Liza Soberano

The first one was about the people who only notice Soberano’s facial beauty. She told me, “I think it is something I still struggle with to this day.”

According to Soberano, there was one time when an acting teacher in the United States told her, “Being pretty won’t take you anywhere.” While she did not deny that being pretty helps her in a way, she emphasized that she does not depend on it when it comes to building her career.

“I hope that people will see me beyond that because I work so hard to develop my craft,” Soberano explained. “I work so hard to be good at what I do and I hope that people don’t, like, take that away from me because I really work hard and I really wanna be known as someone who’s talented, someone who’s nice, not just someone who’s just pretty in their eyes.”


The second challenge that I mentioned was about Soberano’s fans who keep pushing her to join beauty pageants. Born in Santa Clara, California, USA to her Filipino father John Castillo Soberano and her American mother Jacqulyn Elizabeth Hanley, Liza joined a beauty pageant in her school in Pangasinan, Philippines in 2010.

Liza revealed that she tried not to win that beauty pageant but she won anyway. She told me, “I’m just not a fan of beauty pageants.”

“I’m not a fan of objectifying women and, you know, voting based on stereotypical beauty standards,” Liza continued. “I had the opportunity to be a judge at Binibining Pilipinas last year and I felt horrible doing it. I felt horrible judging women honestly.”

The Bb. Pilipinas 2021 coronation night was held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on July 11, 2021. Liza and Enrique Gil, 30, were two of the eight judges.


“I know that it’s like a big thing, it’s a big part of our culture here in the Philippines and a lot of people enjoy it and that’s good for them,” Liza said of beauty pageants. “It’s just, it’s not, it’s not for me. It’s not something that I enjoy. I do enjoy it for the people that do enjoy it but for me, personally, no.”

Careless Music has yet to announce details about Liza’s upcoming songs. She is expected to join her fellow artists under the record label in their first ever international tour in the U.S. and in Europe in 2023.

Meanwhile, the Bb. Pilipinas 2022 coronation night will be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City on July 31, 2022. Among the 40 candidates, four will be chosen to represent the Philippines in the 2022 editions of Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Globe and the 2023 edition of Miss International.

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