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7 tips for foodies visiting Slovakia; Try Bratislava’s Modra Hviezda, Prasna Basta, Bistro Soho


Slovakia is one of Europe’s most interesting countries. It is an excellent destination for foodies who also love travelling.

Traditional Slovak cuisine is based mainly on cabbage, potatoes, pork, poultry, flour and milk products. It is relatively closely related to the cuisines of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Austria.

Bryndzové halušky (dumplings with sheep’s cheese) and vepřo knedlo zelo (pork with dumplings and cabbage) are just some of the dishes you should try when you are in Slovakia. Here are seven tips for foodies who are interested in checking out what the country has to offer:



It’s possible to travel from Slovakia to Austria because they border each other. You can arrange a taxi transfer from Bratislava to Vienna, which can have you there in just over an hour. You can travel between the two countries freely as long as you are a European Union citizen or you have a Schengen visa.

Austrian food, like Slovak food, is wholesome, heavy and delicious. If you are going to visit Austria, it’s worth spending a few days there and exploring because it is as interesting as Slovakia.


Houdini Restaurant

The Houdini Restaurant is located in Slovakia’s capital city Bratislava. It is a quiet, small restaurant that can feel very intimate at times. Out of all of the dishes that it has on offer, the smoked cheese is the most popular one. It offers traditional Slovak food so it attracts a lot of locals. In terms of ratings, it has earned a 4.6 on Google Reviews.


Slovakian Restaurant

Where better to visit when in Slovakia than the aptly named Slovakian Restaurant? The Slovakian Restaurant can be found in Bojnice, which is 183km away from Bratislava. The restaurant’s interior is designed in the traditional Slovakian style. It serves traditional Slovakian food and most of patrons are locals although tourists do also go there.


Bistro Soho

Located in Bratislava, Bistro Soho is a very popular Thai restaurant, which offers a range of Asian dishes. It is an excellent choice for foodies who are vegans.

Many would argue that Bistro Soho serves the finest food outside of Asia although you’ll have to be the judge of that yourself. What’s for sure is that the prices are very reasonable, the food is good and the atmosphere is cozy. It has a modern interior but that does not detract from the staff’s traditional Slovakian hospitality. It is very popular so you may need to book your table in advance.


Modra Hviezda

Also in Bratislava, Modra Hviezda is the most famous and expensive restaurant in this list. It is a high-end, fine dining establishment that offers some of the city’s most exquisite food. It is a very relaxing place that offers candlelight dinners. As one might expect from a fine dining restaurant, the prices of the food can get a little high. If you are looking for somewhere to briefly stop for a sandwich, then this isn’t the place. On the other hand, if you want to take your partner out for a beautiful meal and enjoy the moment with them, this is the place.


Bratislava Flagship Restaurant

The Bratislava Flagship Restaurant offers traditional Slovak cuisine, which consists of potato dishes, cheeses, meats and ale. It is another fine dining establishment in Bratislava although the prices are a little more affordable and the food is nearly just as good as compared to those of Modra Hviezda.

Like the Soho Café, Flag Ship Restaurant is popular so you have to book in advance so that you can guarantee yourself a table. It is also a good idea to visit the restaurant on a day that’s not very busy.


Prasna Basta

If you love small, local restaurants and Slovakian cuisine, Prasna Basta is a good place for you. It is also located in Bratislava. The restaurant’s interiors are traditional in style and are lined with black-and-white photographs.


Hunting is relatively popular in Slovakia, which has vast resources of forest. Game meat is more accessible in the country than in other European countries.

Slovakia is a developed country that is an excellent destination for tourists. A landlocked country, it is bordered by Poland to the north, the Czech Republic to the northwest, Ukraine to the east, Austria to the southwest and Hungary to the south.

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