What Lancaster, California’s Dammion Adkins did to Cynthia Stergious in Hollywood


Dammion Jamarr Adkins, 33, of Lancaster, Los Angeles County, California, United States allegedly attacked Cynthia Stergious, 26, in Hollywood, California on July 29, 2022. Before the attack, the latter celebrated her birthday at Revel Lounge on Los Palmas Avenue in Hollywood with friends.

Afer the celebration, at around 2:00 a.m. that day, Stergious and her friends walked back to their cars across the street. Inside a parking garage near Las Palmas Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, they were approached by Adkins and another man.


The two men started calling Stergious names and more words were exchanged between the men and her, according to her. She told CBS News, “I just remember getting knocked down.”

Stergious told the publication that Adkins “socked” her in the face repeatedly while she was already unconscious. She said, “I was already down on the floor and he still continued to do what he did and on top of it, he was ready to run me over. He did not care.”


According to Stergious, her friends grabbed her body and moved her out of the way when one of the men threatened to run her over. A cellphone video that captured the attack shows how Adkins knocked Stergious unconscious before kicking her in the head. 

After the attack, Stergious met with detectives from the Los Angeles Police Department. At around 6:30 p.m. on August 3, 2022, the detectives arrested Adkins.

Currently, Adkins is being held without bail. He was charged with battery with serious bodily injury.

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