Germany’s Uwe Herbert Hahn accused of killing Belgium’s Walter Henri Maximilien Biot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Uwe Herbert Hahn, 52, of Germany was the husband of Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, 52, of Belgium. The former was a consul at Germany’s consulate in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2002, Hahn and Biot got married. They had a diplomatic passport and they lived in an apartment in the upscale beach neighborhood of Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro.


Biot died just a week before his 53rd birthday. Hahn told police officers that his husband had been taking sleeping pills and drinking too much alcohol.

On the evening of August 5, 2022, Biot got sick, collapsed and fatally hit his head, Hahn told police officers. However, analysis of Biot’s body and the couple’s apartment in Ipanema showed that the Belgian man had been severely beaten.


According to the analysis, Biot had at least 30 visible marks on his body from various injuries, some of where were as old as two days at the time of his death. Authorities believe that he died from neck trauma.

Hahn is accused of lying about how his husband died and trying to cover up the scene before the police officers arrived at their apartment. While being interrogated at the 14th Civil Police Station in Rio de Janeiro, the German consul was arrested and transferred to the Instituto Medico Legal in Rio de Janeiro for evaluation and observation.

On August 7, 2022, Hahn filed for a habeas corpus petition but it was denied. Given the nature of the crime he is accused of, the German consul would not have diplomatic immunity.

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