Houston, Texas nurse Nicole Linton ends Asherey Ryan, Reynold Lester, Alonzo Quintero’s lives in Los Angeles, California


Nicole Lorraine Linton, 37, of Houston, Texas, United States is a registered nurse. In October 2020, she started working for Kaiser Permanente‘s West Los Angeles Medical Center in Los Angeles, California, USA as a traveling intensive care unit (ICU) nurse.

Hailing from Los Angeles, Reynold Lester, 24, and Asherey Ryan, 23, were engaged. On August 20, 2021, she gave birth to Alonzo Luchiano Quintero.


At around 1:30 p.m. on August 4, 2022, Linton was driving a Mercedes-Benz in Los Angeles. Also that afternoon, Lester and Ryan, who was 8 months pregnant, were on their way to a prenatal checkup in the city.

Lester and Ryan were supposed to name their baby Armani. The engaged couple was traveling in a car with Quintero.


Linton’s car was traveling at around 90 mph. When she sped through a red light at the intersection of La Brea and Slauson avenues in Windsor Hills, Los Angeles, she hit seven crossing cars including the car carrying Lester, Ryan and Quintero and a Nissan Altima carrying two women, who all died.

At least two of the cars involved in the crash burst into flames. Armani, the unborn baby, also died.

After the crash, Linton was hospitalized. She was later released, arrested and booked into the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California.

The nurse from Houston was charged with five counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and six counts of murder. On August 7, 2022, her bail was set at $2 million, which was later increased to $9 million.

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