Elmwood Park, New Jersey’s Reuven Alonalayoff arrested in Newark, charged with possession of an assault firearm


Reuven Alonalayoff, 46, of Elmwood Park, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States was a consultant at Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, Hudson County, New Jersey. He served as the director of marketing of the hospital.

As a consultant, Alonalayoff used an office on an administrative floor of the hospital. However, he was a never a full-time employee of the hospital.


On July 18, 2022, officers from the Secaucus Police Department, the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office and the Bayonne Police Department responded to a bomb threat at the hospital. Alonalayoff was not there at the time.

Using bomb detection canines, the officers performed a sweep of the hospital and found no bomb. However, a bomb detection canine gave a positive indication on an unlocked closet within an office, the one used by Alonalayoff.

The officers entered the closet and found a Kriss Vector .45 caliber semi-automatic rifle with a high-capacity magazine, a 14-round high-capacity handgun magazine, 11 handguns of various calibers and 27 rifles and shotguns. The semi-automatic rifle is an assault rifle.


“The unsecured storage of a large cache of weaponry, especially in this location, certainly creates a risk to public safety,” KXII quoted Secaucus Police Department chief Dennis Miller as saying. “I commend the efforts and professionalism of all the police personnel involved in this investigation.”

With the help of U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations, Secaucus Police Department officers arrested Alonalayoff as he arrived at the Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, Essex County, New Jersey on August 7, 2022. Charged with possession of an assault firearm and two counts of possession of a high capacity magazine, the Elmwood Park resident is expected to make a court appearance on August 22, 2022.

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