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Southeastern Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force charges 6 people

With the assistance of the Southeastern Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office recently conducted a joint human trafficking sting operation in Hocking County, Ohio, United States. Such operations aim to raise awareness about human trafficking and reduce crimes committed against children and women.

The Southeastern Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force is led by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The task force also includes the Athens County Sheriff’s Office, the Athens County Prosecutor’s Office, the Athens Police Department, the Marietta City Police Department, the Marietta College Police Department, the Meigs County Prosecutor’s Office, the Meigs County Sheriff’s Office, the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, the Morgan County Prosecutor’s Office, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office, the Noble County Prosecutor’s Office, the Noble County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office.

Six people from Ohio and Massachusetts, USA were charged after responding to online ads to meet women and children to pay to engage in various sexual acts with them. Here is the list:

(not disclosed)17(not disclosed)being delinquent by engaging in prostitution
Kyle Crowe22Chillicothe, Ohioengaging in prostitution
Justin Dillon33Coolville, Ohiosolicitation of prostitution
Stewart Rebell 49Ware, Massachusettsimportuning
Erick M. Wrestler50Logan, Ohioengaging in prostitution
Wayne D. Horsley52Athens, Ohioengaging in prostitution

Rebell is a registered sex offender with previous convictions for juvenile sex offenses, including multiple charges of rape of a child, by force or with threat of murder. He planned to meet with who he thought was a 15-year-old in Ohio and then take her with him out of the state but he was actually communicating with undercover agents.

Massachusetts State Police arrested Rebell for the warrant. He will be extradited to Ohio.

Dillon was trying to solicit sex for $20-$30 and methamphetamine. Officials intercepted him in Marietta, Washington County, Ohio.

Horsley is a high school teacher in Athens and he served as a referee for the Ohio High School Athletic Association. He arranged to meet with a minor after the game he officiated on October 28, 2022.


Hocking County’s name is from the Hocking River, a 102-mile-long right tributary of the Ohio River. On March 1, 1818, the county was organized from land given by three counties in Ohio namely Athens County, Fairfield County and Ross County.

Logan, the county seat of Hocking County, was established in 1816 and incorporated as a city in 1839. In 2013, Logan became the first city in Ohio to install a double roundabout.

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