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Parrot steals earpiece of Chilevision reporter Nicolas Krumm during live broadcast

A parrot was caught on camera perching on the shoulder of Chilevision reporter Nicolas Krumm on November 2, 2022. The Chilean journalist was reporting live about a house burglary.

While still reporting, Krumm motioned to his cameraman to make sure the parrot was in the shot. To their surprise, the parrot plucked the reporter’s earpiece out of his left ear.


Krumm tried to grab the earphone back. However, the parrot was able to fly away with the device.

The parrot later dropped the earpiece. Krumm’s cameraman was able to find it in a patch of grass near the spot where they were doing a live broadcast.


Native to Chile and Argentina, the burrowing parrot has a white eye ring, a white breast marking, an olive green body color and brightly colored underparts. It is a species of parrot also known as the burrowing parakeet or the Patagonian conure.

The burrowing parrot prefers dry, open country. In the winter, Chilean birds avoid colder altitudes by migrating vertically down slope.


Based in Santiago, Chile, Chilevision was founded by the Universidad de Chile on November 4, 1960. The television channel is owned by Paramount Networks Americas, which is headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, United States.

Rafael Araneda hosted “The Wall“, which aired on Chilevision from June 20, 2018 to August 29, 2018. It was an adaptation of the game show of the same name, which premiered on NBC on December 19, 2016.

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