Undercover operation in Claremont, California ends in 16 arrests

Three undercover officers in Claremont, Los Angeles County, California, United States posed as prostitutes during an operation in the city on November 4, 2022. They targeted the Indian Hill area and the 10 Freeway, the parts of the city that have received complaints from residents and business owners about prostitution activity.

One man was arrested for trying to pimp and pander the undercover officers and 15 others were arrested for allegedly soliciting prostitution and sex acts. Here is the list of the arrestees:

  1. Alejandro Galan Becerra, 45, Chino, California, USA
  2. Edvin Hernandez, 25, Hesperia, California, USA
  3. Gabriel Moren, 32, Montclair, California, USA
  4. Ivan Hernandez, 33, Pomona, California, USA
  5. Jorge Brito Acuna, 45, Hermosillo, Mexico
  6. Jose Berrios, 39, Lake Elsinore, California, USA
  7. Jayme Godoy Lozano, 33, Pomona, California, USA
  8. Jeronimo Reyes-Reyes, 45, Riverside, California, USA
  9. Jesus Castro, 23, Pomona, California, USA
  10. Leobardo Garcia Fregoso, 31, Fontana, California, USA
  11. Mariano Vega, 45, Upland, California, USA
  12. Matthew Arroyo, 31, Fontana, California, USA
  13. Oscar Aguilar, 42, Montclair, California, USA
  14. Oscar Marin, 26, Baldwin Park, California, USA
  15. Senik Muradyan, 39, Glendale, California, USA
  16. Wilmer Martinez Miguel, 22, Upland, California, USA

Berrios is a registered sex offender. During the sting operation, he told the undercover officers that he would teach them to make real money.

When the officers ignored Berrios and walked away, he chased them in his vehicle. Other undercover officers took him into custody as he drove into a nearby parking lot.

On November 21, 2022, Berrios will appear in court. He was released from custody after he posted bond while the other 15 arrestees were released on citations with a pending court appearance at the Pomona Superior Court in Pomona.


Claremont was incorporated on October 3, 1907. The city has been praised for its vibrant arts and culture scene and is known for its tree-lined streets with historic buildings.

Both actor Robert Buckley, 41, and rapper Raja Kumari, 36, were born in Claremont. Jed Leano is the incumbent mayor of the city.

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