Did Centerville, Ohio’s Alex Jacques threaten to attack Washington Middle School in Salinas, California?

Alex Jacques, 21, of Centerville, Montgomery County, Ohio, United States is accused of taking a video of himself using multiple firearms to shoot a Chromebook laptop and threatening to attack Washington Middle School in Salinas, Monterey County, California, USA. Affixed to the laptop was a Washington Middle School sticker.

Jacques allegedly posted the video on YouTube. In the video, he says, “Hello, guys, we are going to be torture testing a… Washington Middle School Chromebook, yea Washington Middle School Chromebook from Salinas, California where I plan to eventually return… uh, to fill out my list of duties… that I have filled out with names and addresses of people who have wronged me throughout the years anyways.”


“SUH SD,” Jacques continued. “That’s, uh, Salinas Union High School District.”

The video showed how Jacques stabbed the laptop repeatedly with a screwdriver. Before repeatedly firing at the Washington Middle School laptop with what appears to be three separate firearms, he said, “Washington Middle School, you are next.”

On November 21, 2022, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents executed a search warrant at Jacques’ residence in Centerville and seized eight firearms, including an uzi-style weapon. He was arrested and federally charged with making interstate threats.


Centerville was founded in 1796 and incorporated in 1968. The city has the largest collection of early stone houses in Ohio.

On November 4, 2008, Centerville and Washington Township, Montgomery County voted on whether to create a merger commission. The proposed merger commission failed in the township although it succeeded in the city.

Brooks Compton is the incumbent mayor of Centerville. He assumed office in 2016.

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