Did Chicago, Illinois cop Henry Capouch pee into an ice machine at a St. Pete Beach, Florida bar?

Henry Capouch, 30, used to be a police officer in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He joined the Chicago Police Department in 2018.

On the evening of December 4, 2022, Capouch went to Jimmy B’s Beach Bar in St. Pete Beach, Pinellas County, Florida, USA with his girlfriend. He was off-duty and was vacationing in Florida.


An employee at the bar who was supposed to get ice from an ice machine found Capouch urinating on the ice in the machine. The employee told the off-duty police officer to stop.

With both hands, Capouch pushed the employee a couple of times. Shortly after, the employee and and a security guard escorted a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office deputy to where Capouch and his girlfriend were sitting on the beach.


While being detained, Capouch was actively resisting and not obeying commands. When told to sit multiple times, he kept standing and continued to yell.

At 1:14 a.m. on December 5, 2022, Capouch was arrested. Hours later, he bonded himself out of jail by posting $650.

After the arrest, Capouch was relieved of his police powers. He was charged with disorderly conduct and simple battery.

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