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Lakewood, Ohio’s Ernest Lazor surrenders 41 beagles, pleads guilty to cruelty to animals

Ernest Roy Lazor, 71, of Lakewood, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States previously lived in Arcadia, California, USA. He has lived in different parts of Connecticut, USA including Southbury, Meriden and Hebron.

Lazor lived with 41 beagles at his home on Waterbury Road in Lakewood. In October 2022, he purchased 26 acres of vacant land in Trumbull County, Ohio.


After multiple calls for action, Lakewood Police Department officers rescued the dogs on December 19, 2022 from Lazor’s home, which was reportedly very unkempt and unclean. The dogs were taken to Lakewood Animal Shelter on Metropark Drive in Lakewood.

Currently, Lakewood has full ownership of the beagles. The animal shelter team will look for healthy and permanent homes for the dogs.


The Lakewood Municipal Court ordered Lazor to pay $27,078 to Lakewood Animal Shelter by January 6, 2023 to keep the dogs. However, he chose to take a plea deal instead.

That day, Lazor pleaded guilty to multiple counts of cruelty to animals. He will enter a five-year diversion program requiring him to undergo a mental health assessment and grief counseling to address the underlying causes of his behavior.

As part of the plea, Lazor surrendered ownership of the 41 dogs to Lakewood. He agreed to pay full restitution for the costs the city incurred while caring for the beagles.

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