What Ohio’s Richardo Sepulveda, Michael Sepulveda did in Michigan in 1997

Both Richardo Sepulveda, 51, of Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio, United States and his brother Michael Sepulveda, 49, of Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio previously lived in Erie, Monroe County, Michigan, USA. Aside from Toledo, Michael has lived in other parts of Ohio including Lucas and Luckey.

Aside from Cincinnati, Richardo has lived in other parts of Ohio including Toledo and Fairfield. He also previously lived in Carpentersille, Kane County, Illinois, USA, in Brooklyn, Jackson County, Michigan and in Norvell, Jackson County.


Richardo and Michael are accused of killing a man, whose body was found in a cornfield in Blissfield Township, Lenawee County, Michigan in November 1997. The body had no head and hands.

There were striations on the ends of the man’s bones and his clothes had been removed. He has yet to be identified.


On January 24, 2023, U.S. Marshalls arrested Richardo and Michael. The latter has waived extradition.

Richard will appear before a judge at 8:30 a.m. on January 25, 2023. He and Michael were each charged with first-degree premeditated murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree premeditated murder, assault with intent to maim, conspiracy to commit assault with intent to maim, tampering with evidence and conspiracy to commit tampering with evidence.

Anyone with information about the man killed in 1997 allegedly by Richardo Sepulveda and Michael Sepulveda is asked to contact the Michigan State Police Monroe Post at 313-407-9379.

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