Did Kennett, Missouri’s Candice Johnson abuse a high school student?

Candice Elizabeth Johnson, 26, of Kennett, Dunklin County, Missouri, United States was a nurse for Kennett High School on West Washington Street in Kennett. She is accused of having 12 sexual encounters with a male student, 15, of the school.

Most of the encounters happened in Johnson’s office in school, according to the student. The abuse allegedly started when he came into her office for medication in October 2022.


The school nurse and the student allegedly exchanged explicit photos, as well. They spoke about having a future together, according to his mother.

When the school’s principal and assistant principal questioned the student, he did not officially confess to the relationship because he did not want to get Johnson into any trouble. On February 1, 2023, a police office spoke with the mother of the student.


On the same day, Johnson was arrested and booked into the Dunklin County Justice Center in Kennett. Her bond was set with a $40,000.

Johnson was charged with two counts of second-degree statutory rape and two counts of sexual contact with a student. She is prohibited from having contact with children under 17.


Kennett is the county seat of Dunklin County. The city is located in the eighth congressional district of Missouri and the city’s southeast corner called Bootheel.

Musicians Sheryl Crow, 60, and Will Johnson, 51, were both born in Kennett. The Kennett School District 39 operates the six public schools in the city.

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  1. I have seen pictures of the nurse, and I am happy to report that no crime took place here. If you know what I’m sayin.


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