Did Miami, Florida’s Antonio Intriago, Arcangel Pretel Ortiz help assassinate Haiti’s Jovenel Moïse?

Jovenel Moïse became the 43rd president of Haiti on February 7, 2017. His term ended when he died on July 7, 2021 at age 53.

Moïse was assassinated at his house in Pétion-Ville, Ouest, Haiti. Among 11 people currently in the custody of the United States in connection with the assassination are Antonio Intriago, 59, and Arcangel Pretel Ortiz, 50, who are both residents of Miami, Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States.


Intriago is of Venezuelan descent. He owns Counter Terrorist Unit Security.

Originally from Colombia, Ortiz is a U.S. permanent resident of Miami. He is the operator of the CTU Federal Academy LLC.


In April 2021, Intriago and Ortiz allegedly met Joseph Joel John, 51, James Solages, 37, and Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 64, in Florida. During the meeting, they allegedly planned to oust Moïse and replace the Haitian president with Sanon, who promised to award lucrative contracts to CTU for infrastructure projects in Haiti.

In the same month, Worldwide Capital Lending Group principal Walter Veintemilla, now 54, of Weston, Broward County, Florida allegedly agreed to help finance the coup d’etat. Frederick Bergmann, now 64, of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida allegedly worked with Sanon and Intriago to ship 20 CTU-branded ballistic vests from Florida to Haiti by falsifying the required export documentation.  

On February 14, 2023, Intriago, Ortiz, Veintemilla and Bergmann were arrested. Ortiz, Intriago and Veintemilla were charged with conspiracy to provide material support and resources to a conspiracy to kidnap or kill outside the U.S. resulting in death, providing material support and resources to a conspiracy to kidnap or kill outside the U.S. resulting in death and conspiracy to kill or kidnap a person outside the U.S. Sanon and Bergmann were charged with conspiracy to commit export violations, submitting false and misleading export information and smuggling ballistic vests from the U.S.

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