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Complete list of Miss Nebraska USA 2023 candidates

The Miss Nebraska USA 2023 coronation night will be held at the The Rose Theater in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska, United States on February 26, 2023. It is the 71st edition of the state-level beauty pageant that selects Nebraska’s candidate for Miss USA, which selects the Miss Universe candidate of the U.S.

Currently, Nebraska holds 14 Miss USA placements including the coronation of Sarah Rose Summers in 2018. The most recent one was via Natalie Pieper who is second runner-up to Miss USA 2022 R-Bonney Gabriel, who also became Miss Universe 2022.


Representing Douglas County, Pieper was crowned Miss Nebraska USA 2022 at The Rose Theater in Omaha on March 6, 2022. Bailey DeWispelare of Elkhorn and Mimi Wood of West Omaha were the respective first and second runners-up.

There are 14 women competing for the Miss Nebraska USA 2023 crown. Here are the candidates:

  1. Tyler Shields (Cornhusker)
  2. Bailey DeWispelare (David City)
  3. Ted’Dee Buffalo-Harrell (Douglas)
  4. Grace Smith (Elkhorn)
  5. Anna Mock (Heartland)
  6. Emma Wilkinson (Lincoln)
  7. Charity Williams (Midwest)
  8. Rebecca Haug (North Lincoln)
  9. Shamyla Wells (North Omaha)
  10. Kristen Green (Offutt)
  11. Michaela Edstrand (Omaha)
  12. Rayn Craver (Papillion)
  13. Mary Foster (Waterloo)
  14. Mimi Wood (West Omaha)

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