Newman International Academy teacher Alberto De La Cruz arrested in Arlington, Texas


Alberto De La Cruz, 34, has been an employee of the Newman International Academy District in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, United States since 2016. He was the athletic director of Newman International Academy, a private school on Gibbons Road in Arlington.

While working as a high school teacher, De La Cruz allegedly had an improper relationship with a juvenile student. After being informed of the allegations, the school district placed him on paid administrative leave.


For one week, Newman International Academy Department of Public Safety officers investigated De La Cruz. The investigation revealed probable cause existed to support an arrest.

On April 28, 2023, the Waxahachie Police Department helped the Newman International Academy Department of Public Safety arrest De La Cruz in Arlington. He was charged with an improper relationship between educator and student, a second-degree felony.


Bond for De La Cruz was set at $35,000. He has been released from jail.

De La Cruz no longer works for the Newman International Academy District. He is not permitted to return to campus.

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