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List of people US Army veteran Mauricio Garcia shot at Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Texas

Mauricio Garcia of Dallas, Texas, United States has died. He was 33.

Garcia was a U.S. Army veteran employed as a security guard. His brother Christian Garcia of Dallas has several criminal records, including burglary of habitation and public intoxication.

Mauricio Garcia
Mauricio Garcia

On May 6, 2023, Mauricio drove a gray Dodge Charger and went to the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Collin County, Texas. He was armed with an AR-15 style assault weapon and he was wearing a tactical vest.

Mauricio opened fire at the mall and fatally shot eight people. Here is the list of their names:

  1. Cho Kyu Song, 37, Dallas, Texas
  2. Kang Shin Young (Cindy Cho), 35, Dallas, Texas
  3. Elio Cumana-Rivas, 32, Dallas, Texas
  4. Thatikonda Aishwarya Reddy, 27, McKinney, Texas (Hyderabad, Telangana, India)
  5. Christian LaCour, 20, Nevada, Texas
  6. Daniela Mendoza, 11, Sachse, Texas
  7. Sofia Mendoza, 8, Sachse, Texas
  8. James Cho, 3, Dallas, Texas

Moreover, seven people were injured. Here is the list of their names:

  1. 61-year-old
  2. Ilya Mendoza, Sachse, Texas 
  3. Shreyash Reddy, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  4. William Cho, 6, Dallas, Texas
  5. 5-year-old
  6. unknown
  7. unknown

A male police officer who was at the mall on an unrelated assignment at the time heard gunfire and rushed toward it. He fatally shot Garcia outside an H&M store at the mall.

(This is a developing story. More details are being added.)

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