Francis Ngannou joins PFL; When is Cameroonian-French MMA fighter’s next bout?


“The Predator” Francis Ngannou, 36, of Cameroon and France is the most recent mixed martial artist to join the Professional Fighters League. Born in Batié, Cameroon, he is the first African heavyweight MMA world champion in history.

In 2012, Ngannou moved to Paris, France to pursue professional boxing. He made his professional MMA debut on November 30, 2013 and competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship from December 19, 2015 to January 22, 2022.


Francis Ngannou is now a PFL fighter.

On May 16, 2023, the PFL announced an exclusive global MMA strategic partnership with Ngannou. The strategic partnership represents the most valuable MMA deal for a single fighter and the latest groundbreaking milestone to accelerate the league’s mission to become the co-leader in MMA. 

Under the partnership, Ngannou will fight exclusively in MMA for the PFL’s new pay-per-view (PPV) super fight division, joining combat sports superstars Jake Paul and Kayla Harrison. The new division was launched to revamp the antiquated business model of MMA and to forge true economic partnerships with the sport’s top stars to compete in global mega events, offering 50% of the revenue from the PPV fights.

Ngannou will make his PFL PPV super fight debut in mid-2024 against a major global MMA star fighter to be chosen in the future. DAZN, a partner of the division, will distribute events on its PPV platform in Europe and other priority international markets.

“PFL has an expansive plan to become the first true global league in sports, with international regional leagues spanning all continents,” PFL founder and chairman Donn Davis shared. “PFL Europe’s launch in 2023 has been a huge success, and we will have six more PFL international leagues operating by 2026 to form the first ever Champions League of MMA to spark national pride and determine the actual best in the world via the PFL sport-season format of win-and-advance meritocracy.”


Francis Ngannou joins PFL Global Advisory Board.

The PFL Global Advisory Board has been established for the league to closely collaborate with the greatest athletes and minds in the sport of MMA to ensure the PFL stays focused on its fighters-first mission, combined with recruiting and developing future global champions. As part of the strategic partnership with the league, Ngannou will serve in a leadership role on the board, making him the first active fighter to serve on the board and represent fighters’ interests.

“The PFL is excited to announce its groundbreaking strategic partnership with Francis Ngannou, the greatest heavyweight MMA fighter in the world,” PFL chief executive officer Peter Murray stated. “Ngannou will anchor the PFL’s star-studded PPV super fight division, serve on PFL’s Global Athlete Advisory Board and will be chairman and an equity owner in PFL Africa. Beyond working with Francis to advance the sport of MMA and scale PFL globally, I’m personally looking forward to supporting Francis in his commitment to fight for communities in Africa and around the world, inspired by his vision for the Francis Ngannou Foundation.”


Francis Ngannou is the PFL Africa chairman.

Building upon the successful launch of PFL Europe earlier this year, the PFL will continue its international regional MMA league expansion in priority markets around the world, including Africa. Ngannou will be an equity owner in and chairman of PFL Africa, the premier MMA league on the continent featuring the greatest fighters from African countries competing to become PFL Africa champions and earning a pathway to the PFL Global season.

Combined with PFL’s vision and proven infrastructure, Ngannou’s global stature, capabilities on the continent of Africa and his strategic business relationships will ensure PFL Africa’s success. PFL Africa events will be staged in key countries on the continent live in primetime to meet the major demand for premium and consistent MMA content.

“I am very excited for this game changing partnership with the Professional Fighters League to continue my MMA fighting career in the PFL’s PPV super fight division,” Ngannou said. “I believe in the PFL’s fighter-first culture and global vision including developing the sport in Africa. With that, I am also proud to announce that I will serve as Chairman of PFL Africa which will be the leading MMA organization on the continent providing great African fighters the opportunity to compete on a global platform.”


3POINT0 Labs Inc. praises Francis Ngannou.

3POINT0 Labs is an athlete and brand management company built to launch cutting-edge tech products, sports projects, and premier services in partnership with top-tier sports talent and brands around the world. It was co-founded by Marquel Martin, the president, and Andrew Cutrow, the chief business officer.

Cutrow said 3POINT0 Labs is proud to work with Ngannou and the PFL “to realize the wide-ranging business and strategic initiatives” the Cameroonian-French MMA fighter has set out “to achieve for his career and the continent.” Cutrow added, “We’re ever impressed by his fortitude and perseverance to achieve in his life, his sport and his businesses.”

For Martin, Ngannou deserves “a ton of credit.” The 3POINT0 Labs Inc. president explained, “Most fighters couldn’t go through what he went through this past year.”

“He understands his value and has been extremely patient to get to this point,” Martin said of Ngannou. “Now, not only is he the best heavyweight in the world but he has a deal that is unmatched and will set him up for life. I want to personally thank Donn Davis and Pete Murray for being so collaborative throughout the process and committed to pushing PFL to new heights.”

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