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Beulah Burnette biography: 13 things about Hart County, Kentucky native

Beulah Bowman Burnette was a native of Kentucky, United States. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She was born in Hart County, Kentucky to James M. Bowman and Bettie Logsdon Bowman.
  2. On October 24, 1914, she and Samuel Young Burnette got married in Una, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA. They lived in Antioch, Davidson County.
  3. In 1915, she gave birth to Audrey Christine Burnette in Antioch.
  4. In 1916, she gave birth to Arthur Gaines Burnette in Davidson County.
  5. In 1919, she gave birth to Emily Rozelle Burnette in Antioch.
  6. In 1920, she gave birth to Alma Burnette.
  7. In 1921, she gave birth to Sammie Burnette in Tennessee.
  8. In 1923, she gave birth to Clemmie Elizabeth Burnette.
  9. On April 11, 1924, her mother died in Hart County at age 69.
  10. In 1926, she gave birth to Douglas Dale Burnette in Antioch.
  11. On April 30, 1931, her brother Arthur Waggoner Bowman died in Hart County at age 41.
  12. On March 1, 1934, her father died in Nelsonville, Nelson County, Kentucky died at age 78,
  13. On September 10, 1982, she died in Nashville at age 90.
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