2012 Bonastre summer leather bag for men

Bags are a girl’s thing, more often than not. Aside from the fact that men find it bothersome to bring a bag when going out, most bags are too flamboyant so they often contradict the masculine awesomeness every man wants to project.

2012 Bonastre Summer Leather Bag for Men

Bonastre knows this too well. With its collection of new leather bags for men for 2012, men will not hesitate to bring a bag in town. The simple color scheme of the bags will match a man’s outfit, be it simple or flashy while its leather guarantees durability.

2012 Bonastre Summer Leather Bag for Men

Featured by the 2012 Bonastre Summer Leather Bag for Men is a perfect balance of simplicity and style. Thus, men will not be afraid of pairing it with flamboyant summer outfits, such as the 2012 Stussy Hawaiian Summer Shirt Collection for Men, 2012 Dolce & Gabbana Summer Washed Cotton Shorts for Men, 2012 Alejandro Ingelmo Wooster Summer Shoes for Men, and 2012 Borsalino Summer Hat for Men.


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I am a journalist, scriptwriter, filmmaker and actor who loves to tell stories about show business and mixed martial arts and anything in between.
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