Miss Supranational 2012 results: Poland’s Monika Lewczuk crowns Belarus’s Ekaterina Buraya in Warsaw

  • beauty pageant: Miss Supranational
  • edition: 4th
  • venue: Hala Mera, Ochota, Warsaw, Poland
  • date: September 14, 2012
  • number of candidates: 53





  • Miss Elegance: Carmen Fernandes (Portugal)
  • Miss Photogenic: Michaela Dihlová (Czech Republic)
  • Miss Internet: Nanthawan Wannachutha (Thailand)
  • Miss Congeniality: Ester Shatipamba (Namibia)
  • Miss Personality: Sabrina Simbi Kubwimana (Rwanda)
  • Miss Talent: Julia Prokopenko (Denmark)
  • Miss Top Model: Katie Starke (Canada)
  • Best Body: Sulay Castillo (Ecuador)
  • Best National Costume: Damaris Aguilar (Cuba)
  • Miss St. George: Lại Hương Thảo (Vietnam)



  • Miss Supranational Africa 2012: Michelle Giden-Huys (South Africa)
  • Miss Supranational Americas 2012: Elissa Estrada (Panama)
  • Miss Supranational Asia and Oceania 2012: Lại Hương Thảo (Vietnam)
  • Miss Supranational Europe 2012: Julia Prokopenko (Denmark)


TOP 20

  1. Agnieszka Karasiewicz (Poland)
  2. Chantel Martinez (Dominican Republic)
  3. Ekaterina Buraya (Belarus)
  4. Elaine Kay Moll (Philippines)
  5. Elissa Estrada (Panama)
  6. Ema Golijanin (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  7. Gabriela Berríos (Puerto Rico)
  8. Julia Prokopenko (Denmark)
  9. Kary Ramos (Costa Rica)
  10. Katie Starke (Canada)
  11. Ekaterina Buraya (Belarus)
  12. Michaela Dihlová (Czech Republic)
  13. Michelle Giden-Huys (South Africa)
  14. Nanthawan Wannachutha (Thailand)
  15. Nieves Sanchez (Spain)
  16. Periskia Laing (Suriname)
  17. Rachael Howard (England)
  18. Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir (Iceland)
  19. Solène Froment (France)
  20. Sulay Castillo (Ecuador)



  1. Ekaterina Buraya (Belarus)
  2. Elaine Kay Moll (Philippines)
  3. Michaela Dihlová (Czech Republic)
  4. Nanthawan Wannachutha (Thailand)
  5. Sulay Castillo (Ecuador)



PLACEMENT 2011 2012
4th runner-upKrystelle Khoury
(United States)
Sulay Castillo
3rd runner-upDanelia Nguyễn Thu Mây
Elaine Kay Moll
2nd runner-upValery Vélez Cuevas
(Puerto Rico)
Michaela Dihlová
(Czech Republic)
1st runner-upLiudmila Yakimovich
Nanthawan Wannachutha
Katsyariana “Ekaterina” Buraya

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