adidas, Les Mills to hold events in France, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, USA

Les Mills held a fitness festival at the ExCeL Arena in London, England from October 22-23, 2022, the first to be filmed in virtual reality. Supported by adidas, the event was attended by 5,000 fitness fans uniting for one of the largest group workout events ever staged.

Throughout 2023, adidas and Les Mills will continue to push the boundaries by creating an enhanced athlete journey for live fitness with events taking place in Asia, Europe and North America. In particular, the events will be held in Singapore, in Paris, France, in Barcelona, Spain, in Stockholm, Sweden and in Los Angeles, California, United States.


On February 8, 2023, adidas and Les Mills announced on February 8, 2023 a new partnership that brings the two sports powerhouses together to shape the future of training through a fusion of innovation and heritage. The collaboration will usher in a new age of fitness.

“The brand partnership with adidas will redefine fitness for the next generation of training fans, driven by our focus on innovation, connection and motivation,” Les Mills chief executive officer Clive Ormerod said. “We will elevate the training experience by combining the best of live and digital to meet people where, when and how they want. By placing the community at the heart of all we do, we can inspire millions to be more active and make good on our mission to create a fitter planet.”


Aimee Arana is the sportswear and training global general manager of adidas. She said the partnership will enable the two sports brands to embrace new technology that will combine the benefits of live training with the capabilities of digital services for our adiClub members, all supported by the latest innovation of adidas in training apparel, footwear and accessories.

“As part of this venture, we are excited to create new and unique workout experiences that tap into next-generation behaviors, supporting our mission to ensure everyone can benefit from the physical and mental wellbeing that training offers,” Arana said. “At the heart of this collaboration is the commitment to our shared values and we’re looking forward to accelerating the quality of live and in-home fitness and tailored regimes with Les Mills for our adidas community no matter where they are based.”

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