[PHOTOS] ‘Brave 12: KHK Legacy’ weigh-ins, fight night

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On May 10, 2018, Brave Combat Federation hosted the public weigh-ins for “Brave 12: KHK Legacy” at the Hotel Santika Premiere in Jakarta, Indonesia. Out of 24 fighters featured, 22 fighters made weight.

Hardeep Rai of the United Kingdom missed weight by 2.14 kg and Vincent Majid of Indonesia barely missed weight by 0.56 kg. Their respective opponents accepted the fights after penalizing a percentage of the fighter’s fee, which will be added to their fee.

Here are the official “Brave 12: KHK Legacy” weigh-in results:

  • Eldar Eldarov (70.7 Kg) vs. Brian Hooi (70.3 Kg) – Lightweight division
  • Jarrah Al Selawe (77.1 Kg) vs. Tahar Hadbi (77.56 Kg) – Welterweight division
  • Mehdi Baghdad (77.1 Kg) vs. Pawel Kielek (77.5 Kg) – Welterweight division
  • Vincent Majid (94 Kg*) vs. Jing Yi Chong (92 Kg) – Light-Heavyweight division
  • Hamza Kooheji (66.1) vs. Khaled Taha (65.6 Kg) – Featherweight division
  • Marat Magomedov (66 Kg) vs. Luke Adams (65.8 Kg) – Featherweight division
  • Gadzhimusa Gaziev (74.3 Kg) vs. Leonardo Mafra (74.1 Kg) – Catchweight division
  • Akhmed Magomedov (67.85 Kg) vs. Anthony Engelen (67.85) – Catchweight division
  • Hardeep Rai (72.9 Kg**) vs. John Brewin (70.65 Kg) – Lightweight division
  • Jeremy Pacatiw (63.75 Kg) vs. Kaan Ofli (64 Kg) – Catchweight division
  • Hussain Ayyad (57.1 Kg) vs. Jomar Pa-ac (56.65 Kg) – Flyweight division
  • Gamzat Magomedov (61.2 Kg) vs. Zeck Lange (61.5 Kg) – Bantamweight division
  • Adi Paryanto (51.6 Kg) vs. Ahmad Sopian (52.1 Kg) – Strawweight division
  • Brilly Perkesa (57 Kg) vs. Alfiandi (56.3 Kg) – Flyweight division
  • Senna Saputra (65.8 Kg) vs. Achterzon Andre (64.4 Kg) – Featherweight division

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stars Mehdi Baghdad and Leonardo Mafra made their debut with Brave CF at “Brave 12: KHK Legacy.” Their respective opponents were Pawel Kielek and Gadzhimusa Gaziev.

The fight card featured athletes from 15 nations including Russia, Netherlands, Jordan, Algeria, Poland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Germany, the United States, Brazil, the U.K., New Zealand, the Philippines and Australia. The fight night took take place on May 11, 2018 at Balai Sarbini Hall in Jakarta, Indonesia marking the first Brave CF event held in Southeast Asia.

Also, the fight card marked the maximum number of athletes featured from the KHK MMA Bahrain, which was found by His Highness Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa. During the fight night, KHK MMA Bahrain was represented by Baghdad, Eldar Eldarov, Hamza Kooheji, Hussain Ayyad, Marat Magomedov, Gamzat Magomedov and Akhmed Magomedov and Mehdi Baghdad.

Brave CF added three additional fights featuring regional fighters giving them an opportunity to compete in the International fight card. The fight night was showcased live in StarSat, Combate and Abu Dhabi Sports in the respective territories.

In the co-main event, Tahar Hadbi of Algeria and Jarrah “The Jordanian Lion” Al Selawe of Jordan competed in the welterweight division. In the main event, Eldarov faced Brian Hooi of the Netherlands in the lightweight division.

Here are the official “Brave 12: KHK Legacy” results:

  • Eldar Eldarov defeated Brian Hooi via unanimous decision.
  • Jarrah Al Selawe defeated Tahar Hadbi via unanimous decision.
  • Pawel Kielek defeated Mehdi Baghdad via unanimous decision.
  • Vincent Majid defeated Jing Yi Chong via rear-naked choke submission.
  • Khaled Taha submitted Hamza Kooheji via rear-naked choke.
  • Marat Magomedov defeated Luke Adams.
  • Gadzhimusa Gaziev defeated Leonardo Mafra via technical knockout.
  • Akhmed Magomedov submitted Anthony Engelen at 3:12 of Round 2.
  • John Brewin defeated Hardeep Rai via technical knockout in the second round.
  • Kaan Ofli defeated Jeremy Pacatiw via unanimous decision.
  • Hussain Ayyad defeated Jomar Pa-ac.
  • Gamzat Magomedov defeated Zeck Lange.
  • Ahmad Sopiyan defeated Adi Paryanto.
  • Brilly Perkesa (57 Kg) vs. Alfiandi (56.3 Kg) – Flyweight division
  • Senna Saputra (65.8 Kg) vs. Achterzon Andre (64.4 Kg) – Featherweight division

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