Canada’s Robin Black is Brave CF’s new fight analyst

Robin Black

Robin Black

Hailing from Pinawa, Manitoba, Canada, Robin Black has signed by Brave Combat Federation as the lead fight analyst for the creatives and broadcast segments. He is a mixed martial arts expert and analyst who is also a rock musician.

Black has served as a commentator in more than 450 combat sports broadcasts globally and enriched the audience’s viewing experience for over 5000 fights. Known for his passionate style and unique and innovative perspectives, he is one of the top talents in the combat sports broadcasting.

As a rock star, Black is a member of Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars, a glam rock band formed in 1998. His bandmates are Chris “Starboy” Cunnane, Peter Arvidsson, Robbie Ruckus and Aaron Verdonk.

From 2008 to 2012, Black competed as a professional MMA fighter. He won the first ever ELITE FC 135 pound Championship and retired with a professional record of 4 wins and 5 losses.

As a fighter, Black is a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo and many other martial arts. In his most recent bout, which was at “Slamm 1” in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on November 30, 2012, he submitted his fellow Canadian fighter Derek Charbonneau via americana.

“I was put on this Earth to study the beauty and artistry of combat and share the analysis with the audience,” Black stated. “Every day, I study the greatest artists and athletes and seek to do justice to their art and enrich the viewing experience for people who watch combat.”

“Brave Combat Federation is the fastest growing mixed martial arts promotion in the world and they have a brilliant team of top minds in the game,” the Canadian MMA expert added. “Brave is an organization that delivers exciting fights and it is apt that the organisation is compared to the Pride FC. I am honored to contribute my passion and skill set to the Brave nation.”

Watch the announcement of Black as the new lead fight analyst of Brave CF here:


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