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Modelling, Muay Thai and Lilian Dikmans

Lilian Dikmans

Lilian Dikmans

Lilian Dikmans is the first Australian model to step inside the Muay Thai ring. Although not aspiring to a career of world champion, the Melbourne local showcased that it was indeed possible to remain prominently active in the field of lights and glamour and compete in full contact bouts simultaneously.

Dikmans holds a professional kickboxing record of 3 wins, 0 draw and 1 draw. She also has a number of campaigns for internationally renowned brands, such as Maybelline New York and Ford Motor Company, among others.

A new blog series “Behind the Scenes with Lilian Dikmans” has been launched on YouTube and Dailymotion featuring the personality from Melbourne undertaking various activities. The first episode covers a photoshoot of the Australian model at Kinematics Physiotherapy and Pilates in Richmond, Victoria, Australia.

The second clip billed as “FIGHT CLUB” hit the stream this week showcasing some of the highlight moments from Dikmans’ Muay Thai training in Melbourne CBD. The daily Muay Thai training routine starts with joints warmup and a run, which precedes skipping with a weighted jump rope, stretching and shadowboxing.

Lilian Dikmans

Lilian Dikmans

It is followed by a number of exercises for conditioning, padwork and partner drills and sometimes with sparring and clinch. The basic core exercises, such as push ups and sit ups, are in between and the conclusion is a set of kicks and knees on a bag, and the famous teep (front push kick) from knee.

The following episodes are scheduled to feature cooking from Real Food Healthy Body, travel and a number of other activities and events. In addition, Dikmans has recently appeared in a role of presenter in various industries, including a coverage of “UFC 234” for FIGHTMAG and DFO Insider, among others.

The newly released video titled as “Aching for Activewear” can be found below. The footage is dedicated to exactly what arguably almost every girl loves, shopping.

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