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Cebu City, Philippines’ Lyrey Yves Campos crowned Mr. Tourism & Culture Universe 2019 in Yangon, Myanmar

Representing the Philippines, Lyrey Yves Campos, 26, was crowned Mister Tourism and Culture Universe 2019 in Yangon, Myanmar on August 31, 2019. He bested 13 other candidates.

Hailing from Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines, Campos is a registered ICU nurse. He is interested in vlogging as he mentioned when he answered the question in the final round, which was, “As an ambassador of tourism, what will you do to improve and promote the tourism industry worldwide?”

“Technology has been everywhere in our hands,” Campos answered. “If given the honor to be the next Mr. Tourism and Culture Universe, I will use this to promote tourism. Social media has been the most powerful tool but I believe the best way to do is vlogging.”

“Vlogging is a short video where people can share their experience,” Campos continued. “Recently, I created a vlog and it created a big impact. If given the chance, I will give my 120 percent to promote tourism through the use of vlogging because I believe that tourism is part of our country’s identity and we should be proud of it.”

Runner-up to Campos as Mr. Tourism and Culture Universe 2019 was Quach Thanh Lam of Vietnam. Donghun Chun of South Korea, Ravi Rajput of India, Francisco Roberto Galvez of El Salvador and Guillaume Canada of France were the respective second, third, fourth and fifth runners-up.

Aside from winning the Mr. Tourism and Culture Universe 2019 title, Campos also won the Best National Costume award for showcasing the Maranao art and Sarimanok on August 27, 2019. He won the Popularity Award, by garnering the most online votes, as well.

The Cebu City native was not the only Filipino candidate who competed. Aaron Reyes represented the Filipino community of Saudi Arabia.

Born in Cebu City on October 9, 1992, Campos earned his bachelor’s degree in Nursing in Velez College in Cebu City. He currently works as a nurse in the United States.

In 2017, Campos was crowned Misters of Filipinas-Supranational. He finished in the semi-finals when he represented the Philippines in Mr. Supranational 2017 Krynica Zdroj, Poland.

Campos succeeded Mr, Tourism and Culture Universe 2018 Sujae Yoo of South Korea. Watch the Filipino nurse’s introduction video for Mr. Tourism and Culture Universe 2019 here:

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