Legend Fighting Championship

‘Legend FC 13’ fight card: Yuan Chunbo vs Li Lianjie in Macau, China

'Legend FC 13' fight card

  • Promotion: Legend Fighting Championship (Legend FC)
  • Title: “Legend FC 13
  • Venue: MGM Theater, Macau, China
  • Date: September 14, 2019

Bout #


Sport/ Division

Red Corner (Country)

Blue Corner (Country)

1 Zhang Chao Yang (China) Wang Xuan (China) Sanda/ Modified Sanda Rules: 80kg (Reserve Match)
2 Aerdake Apaer (Xinjiang, China) Yang Zhan Wang (China) Sanda/ Modified  Sanda Rules: 80kg (Semi-Final 1)
3 Chang Juncheng (China) Yu Jianhong (China) Sanda/ Modified  Sanda Rules: 80kg (Semi-Final 2)
4 Zhong Qingya (Sichuan, China) Gao Haicang (China) MMA/ 68kg
5 Chen Jie (China) Adrian Fok (Hong Kong) MMA/ 61kg
6 Yi Zha (China) Tenglige (Inner Mongolia, China) MMA/ 70kg
7 Semi-Final Winner 1 Semi-Final Winner 2 MMA/  80kg (Sanda Tournament Grand Final)

Main Event

8 Li Lianjie (Beijing, China) Yuan Chunbo (Guangzhou, China) MMA/ 66kg


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