Man of the Universe 2019 results: Thailand’s Wachiraputts Supathanarisee crowned in Cebu City, Philippines

  • Beauty Pageant: Man of the Universe
  • Edition: 1st
  • Venue: Teatro Casino, Waterfront, Cebu City, Philippines
  • Date: September 6, 2019
  • Number of candidates: 13


1. Ngonda Sangama Andrew Junior (Cameroon)
2. Frank Galvez (El Salvador)
3. Adonis Jocsing (Canada)
4. Lorenzo Caballero (Saudi Arabia)
5. Taugik Sanjaya (Indonesia)
6. Prince Oomesh Luvkush (Mauritius)
7. Chandan Biskowarma (Nepal)
8. Sagar Bhageloe (Netherlands)
9. Juan Carlos Cabrera (Peru)
10. Anthony Eatabillo Abuan (Philippines)
11. Pedro Sardon (Spain)
12. Wachiraputts Supathanasiree (Thailand)
13. Adel Serhal (Ukraine)

Major Sponsors

1. Reddoorz at Century Plaza Hotel
2. Marick Beach Resort
3. Montebello Villa Resort
4. Above Aesthetics
5. Hasty Feet Travel Nation
6. Cabalen
7. Sam Ibanez Alga, Official Swimwear

Partner Sponsors

1. Prodigy Bureau
2. Prettyfine Skin Care
3. Frank Francis Otong
4. GMO Collections by Griffins Malazarte
5. WEP Team
6. Fitness Nation
7. Noel Iniz
8. Ordy
9. Atarah Island Hopping and Tours
10. 101 FM

Special Awards:

  • Media’s Choice: Wachiraputts Supathanasiree (Thailand)
  • Mr. Photogenic: Sagar Bhageloe (Netherlands)
  • Best in National Costume: Anthony Eatabillo Abuan (Philippines)
  • Best in Swimwear by Sam Ybañez Alba: Anthony Eatabillo Abuan (Philippines)
  • Best in Formal Wear: Wachiraputts Supathanasiree (Thailand)
  • Man of Cabalen: Juan Carlos Cabrera (Peru) 
  • Hasty Feet Nation Ambassador: Sagar Bhageloe (Netherlands)
  • Marick Beach Resort Ambassador: Anthony Eatabillo Abuan (Philippines)
  • GMO Collection Ambassador by Griffins: Wachiraputts Supathanasiree (Thailand)
  • Pretty Fine Ambassador: Wachiraputts Supathanasiree (Thailand)
  • RedDoorz Philippines Ambassador: Adel Serhal (Ukraine)
  • Above Aesthetic Ambassador: Adonis Jocsing (Canada)
  • Star Realms Ambassador: Prince Oomesh Luvkush (Mauritius)


  • Second Runner-up: Adel Serhal (Ukraine)
  • First Runner-up: Sagar Bhageloe (Netherlands)
  • Man of the Universe 2019: Wachiraputts Supathanasiree (Thailand)

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