beauty pageant results

Miss Universe Sweden 2019 results: Emma Strandberg crowns Lina Ljungberg in Stockholm

  • beauty pageant: Miss Universe Sweden
  • edition: 11th
  • date: September 29, 2019
  • venue:  Café Opera, Stockholm, Swedenn
  • candidates: 18


  1. Cassandra Juvas
  2. Fanny Hansson
  3. Fatuma Shariif
  4. Filippa Engberg
  5. Frederica Hall
  6. Isabella Georgsson
  7. Joanna Jansson Jansson
  8. Kristina Jovanovic
  9. Lina Lundberg
  10. Lucy Dimitrova
  11. Madeleine Grundemar Santini
  12. Miriam Lange Balman
  13. Paulina Kielczewska
  14. Sama Tillakoy
  15. Stina Nordlander
  16. Supisara Sriphaibun
  17. Yasmine Mindru
  18. Zenita Bjarneby



  • Miss Photogenic: Fredrika Hall
  • Miss Personality: Stina Nordlander


2nd runner-upMiriam Lange Balman N/A
1st runner-upYasmine MindruCloie Syquia Skarne
Miss Bikini SwedenN/ALina Ljungberg
Miss International SwedenPaulina Kielczewska
Izabell Hahn
Miss Universe SwedenLina Ljungberg
Emma Strandberg

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