Torani holds 1st ever Master Flavor Class in the Philippines with 60 baristas, restaurateurs

Anjali Ganpule

Anjali Ganpule

Over 60 baristas and restaurateurs from well-known coffee houses, restaurants and hotels in Luzon learned about the science of flavor at the first ever Torani Master Flavor Class held in the Philippines. It took place at Seda Hotel in Taguig, Metro Manila on October 3, 2019.

Torani is the world leader in flavoring syrups, sauces and blended drink bases. It jointly organized the recent master flavor class at Seda Hotel with Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation, a top Philippine distributor of coffee, tea and specialty beverage products.

The three-part workshop was conducted by Anjali Ganpule, Torani’s innovative food scientist from Torani San Francisco San Francisco, California, United States and an active member of Northern California’s Institute of Food Technologists. She is a master at seducing the senses with both exciting and soothing flavors.

The class enabled participants to learn how to craft amazing flavors and also to understand, develop and promote their drinks in a competitive market. The whole day deep-dive familiarized participants with the science, technology and art of creating amazing flavors.

Participants learned how to enhance existing products and standardize sensory methods. They found out how customers use all of their senses to experience their drinks.

By experiencing different tastes and flavors themselves, class members learned how to create yummy flavors through their knowledge of food science. They then created a drink menu with different kinds of flavors.

“Torani has over 100 flavors and those great flavors when paired with great coffee and prepared by great baristas will surely delight customers in a special way,” Ganpule said. “I think that will greatly help to set their coffee shop apart from competition.”

Torani Syrups and Sauces was brought from San Francisco to the Philippines by Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation to re-create the café experience of the North Beach in San Francisco, paving the way to the early beginnings and subsequent growth of the first and second waves of the Philippine Specialty Coffee Trade. These Rolls Royce of coffee flavorings has served millions of exciting lattes in many cafes in the country since it first went into the market in 1998.


Torani offers various syrups and sauces from regular syrup, sauces, fruit purees, real fruit and puremade syrup, which deliver amazing flavor using the purest ingredients. Its official distributor in the Philippines is Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation, which has been in operation for more than 21 years in the country.

As the specialty coffee trade began to grow in the late 1900s, Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation expanded its products to include espresso machines, specialty teas and other specialty beverages. Its clients include top hotels, restaurants and the popular coffee places in the Philippines.

Here is a clip from Torani:

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