BRAVE Combat Federation

Join KHK MMA’s openweight MMA bout and win $100,000 with 6.2kg gold in Bahrain

KHK World Championship belt

KHK World Championship belt

KHK MMA and Bahrain will introduce the most prestigious prize in sports in November 2019. Made of 6.2kg of solid gold, the KHK World championship belt will be on the line in a one-night, four-men, open weight tournament, which will serve as the biggest attraction of an already historic Brave International Combat Week.

The tournament is open to athletes from all over the world, including all Brave Combat Federation athletes and mixed martial artists who have an ongoing agreement with other promotions as well as free agents. A special committee will choose ten fighters from all the enrolled athletes and a draw will be made to determine who will be the four chosen competitors.

The signing up process is a simple one. Fighters interested in applying for a spot in the groundbreaking tournament have to apply through Brave CF’s official website where the will be asked to provide details of their career.

It will be the first time an MMA promotion organizes an open-cast tournament, with fighters from all other organizations free to join without having to agree to any further contracts aside from the tournament bouts agreements. The prize money for the winner are a US$100,000 cash prize and the title as the inaugural KHK World Champion.

The belt itself is the most prestigious attraction. Its weight in gold surpasses that of the World Cup of football as well as other huge prizes in sports such as the Ryder Cup in golf, the Wimbledon trophy for tennis, the Vince Lombardi Trophy given to the NFL champions and the Larry O’Brien trophy destined for the NBA Champions.

How to sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Register an account.
  3. Type in your details.
  4. Officially sign up.
  5. Make as much noise as possible on social media!

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