‘Jane the Virgin’ star Gina Rodriguez in hot water for saying N word while singing The Fugees’ ‘Ready or Not’ on Instagram

DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow

DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, Brittany Snow

Known for playing the title character in The CW series “Jane the Virgin,” Puerto Rican actress Gina Rodriguez, 35, is currently being criticized for saying the N word on Instagram. She is now being branded as racist.

On October 15, 2019, Rodriguez can be heard rapping along to “Ready or Not” by The Fugees on Instagram Live. She sang the line by Lauryn Hill, which contains the N word.

“Bless you if you represent the Fu but I’ll hex you with some witch’s brew if you’re doo-doo, voodoo,” Rodriguez raps along. “I can do what you do, easy, believe me, fronting n—-s give me heebie-jeebies.”


This is not the first time Rodriguez was involved in such controversy. Upon the announcement of “Black Panther” in 2017, she expressed her disappointment with what she claimed the lack of representation of the Latinos in Marvel and DC movies.

In October 2018, Rodriguez and Yara Shahidi were interviewed about their movie “Smallfoot.” The latter was asked about about how she felt about being a role model to black women but was interrupted by Rodriguez saying, “So many women.”


In November 2018, Rodriguez was in a roundtable discussion with Ellen Pompeo, Gabrielle Union and Emma Roberts. During the discussion, the “Jane the Virgin” star claimed that Latinas were paid less than anyone else in Hollywood.


Because of these, Rodriguez was criticized for being anti-Black. She went on “Sway in the Morning” to complain about it.

“So to get anti-black is saying that I’m anti-family,” Rodriguez said. “My father is dark-skinned. He’s Afro-Latino.”

“If anything, the black community is my community,” Rodriguez continuted. “As Latinos, we have black Latinos. That is what we are. I am not so I think that when I speak about Latino advocacy, people believe I only mean people of my skin color.”

The “Jane the Virgin” star went on to issue an apology. She said, “If I have hurt you, I am sorry and I will always be sorry but you have to know that, until you know my heart, there’s no way that we can live off clickbait, you guys.”

“You are allowed to feel pain and I empathize with your pain and I’m sorry if I caused your pain because it is the last thing I want to do,” Rodriguez continued. “We don’t need to fight each other and if I caused that notion, please forgive me because that is not my intent at all.”


On April 19, 2019, Netflix released “Someone Great” starring Rodriguez with Tampa, Florida native Brittany Snow and African-American actress DeWanda Jackson.

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