Hannah Diamond’s shares ‘Reflections’ lead single ‘Invisible,’ announces Paris, London shows

Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond

PC Music’s Hannah Diamond shared her new single “Invisible” on October 30, 2019. The song is taken from her highly anticipated upcoming debut album “Reflections,” a collection of heartbreak pop ballads set to be released on November 22, 2019.

Produced by PC Music founder A. G. Cook and EASYFUN, “Invisible” follows her previous singles “Part of Me” with Danny L. Harle and “True,” which she shared at the end of 2018. A kaleidoscopic synthscape that explores the heartbreak of knowing a lover has moved on, “Invisible” reckons with the challenge of how to be alone: “Deep down, I know, she’s with you and so I’ll just be on my own tonight.”

As the lead single from Reflections, “Invisible” represents the heart of Hannah’s new era, which involves finding resilience and strength from heartbreak.

Also, Diamond announced er first ever headline shows at Fire in London, England on December 5, 2019 and La Boule Noire in Paris, France on December 11, 2019. For more details and tickets, visit

Diamond co-created the video for “Invisible” with director Daniel Swan. Also known as a visual artist, she built her own visual world and spent several months crafting the video, creating all of the billboards and advertisements spotted in the video herself.

“Daniel helped me bring to life a story where I am working towards creating a pixel-perfect digital version of myself as I navigate feeling inadequate in a world dominated by advertising, fame and stardom,” Diamond stated. “I am perpetually surrounded by screens and on display for everyone to see but paradoxically feel completely invisible to the one person who I wish would notice me.”

“The ‘Invisible’ world represents a hyper-real reflection of real life, mirroring aspects of my day to day; the sleepy tube journey across London Bridge, a walk through an alternate reality where London is filled with HD billboard images and advertising photographed by me,” Diamond continued. “It explores the processes of constructing my own ‘image’, as I work to completely digitize my self to be remembered virtually forever.”

On the collaboration, Swan said Diamond gave her the opportunity and the freedom to design “an alternate reality in which she is constantly surrounded by her own image, a world in which she is the sole focus.” He described her as “a highly successful and visible but emotionally fragile pop star trying to channel her pain into creating a pure vision of herself.”

“Reflections” is Diamond’s debut album after her role in reshaping pop as part of PC Music. The album is home to some of the most touching songs about fractured relationships in planet pop.

All of the songs in “Reflections” were produced by Cook. EASYFUN collaborated on “Invisible” as well as tracks “Fade Away” and “Make Believe.”

A singer, songwriter, photographer and pioneering visual artist, Diamond regularly collaborates musically with A. G. Cook, EASYFUN and Charli XCX and visually with the likes of NIKE, Offset, Bladee, Olly Alexander (Years & Years), SOPHIE and Charli XCX for her photography work. Follow Diamond online:


Watch the “Invisible” music video here:

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