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Maria Armendarez biography: 13 things about Dallas, Texas native

Maria Evangelina Lazo Armendarez Barrientos was a native of Texas, United States. She and Albert Armendarez divorced after having four children together.

Maria enjoyed gardening and home decorating and spent most of her years as a homemaker caring for her family. She was a great cook and she had impeccable taste in fashion.

Later in life, Maria worked as a home health aide caring for the elderly. Here are 13 more things about her:

  1. She was born in Dallas, Texas to Tomas Lazo Sr. and Carmen Martinez Lazo. She is their first child.
  2. She is Reynaldo Martinez‘s niece.
  3. She has five sisters namely Margarita Lazo Juarez, Beatrice Lazo Perez, Minerva Lazo Gomez, Carmen Therese Lazo and Esperanza Lazo Brown. They have two brothers namely Tomas Lazo Jr. and Tom Banda.
  4. In February 1960, she married Albert.
  5. In 1962, she gave birth to Cynthia Armendarez and Mario Albert Armendarez. Cynthia married Freddie Gradias. Mario married Evelyn Lee Villalpando.
  6. In 1964, she gave birth to Esmeralda Armendarez.
  7. In 1965, she gave birth to Robert Armendarez.
  8. In 2004, she married Manuel Barrientos.
  9. On June 12, 1993, her father died in Dallas at the age of 79.
  10. On October 27, 2001, her daughter Esmeralda married Thomas Paul “Tom” Upton in Dallas.
  11. On January 26, 2011, her first husband Albert died at the age of 70.
  12. On August 27, 2013, her mother died in Irving, Texas at the age of 100.
  13. On November 24, 2019, she died in Dunvanville, Dallas County, Texas at the age of 83.

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